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after 6 years I have left ambit energy - below is why

I was with Ambit Energy for over 6 years.  I made it to Senior Consultant in 1.5 years, brought 42 Consultants into the business and over 160 personal customers.  I had a down-line of over 100 Consultants and 450 customers.    I only made a little over $20,000 in 6 years and my residual payments were only 160.00 a month.   Not much for all the work I put in!!!!!

I found Kynect in March of 2019.  Kynect focuses on paying you for customers up to 10x more than Ambit.   If you don't want to build a team, you can still make life changing money!



Ambit - 5 cents for personal customers

Kynect - 50 cents for each  personal customer - once you hit 30, you get $200 a month residual and a $500.00 bonus.   Each 15 customers you add to the 30 customers, you add another $200 a month and another $500.00 bonus.   This has no limit!

FREE Energy:

Ambit - 15 customers - free energy check up to your supply portion on your own bill

Kynect - 5 customers - 25% of the average of the supply portion of the customers bills

                10 customers - 50% of the average of the supply portion of the customers bills

                15 customers - 100% of the average of the highest 15 customers supply portion

  You get the full amount, it is not based on your bill whatsoever!   Even if you don't have a bill!

Monthly cost to be a Consultant:

Ambit - to participate it is over $26.00 a month to participate and get paid.

Kynect - no monthly fee - you can enroll customers and consultants at no charge to you.  An optional advanced Power Center is available for 24.95 if/when you want to use the advanced features, but it is not required.

Team Advancement:

Ambit - you have to develop many consultants to move up in the ranks

Kynect - You only need 2 Consultants at each level that you achieve to move up in rank (see details)

Other Perks:

Kynect - Mercedes program - grow your business by adding 300 customers (RD and up down-line) customers within the calendar year and get a fully paid 1 year lease and insurance on a new Mercedes!

More info coming!!!   Please text or call Scott for more info -