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Personal Customer Bonuses


 When you join this business, you get 90 days of bonuses to help you get started.  The more customers you bring in, the more you make, up to $1,200.00 of bonuses! 

5 Levels of payments


 You get paid not only on your customers, but on team member customers,

5 levels deep! 

Customer Plus Program



When you hit 30 customers, you get a $500 bonus and your monthly residual payments of $200 start.  
After 30 customers, every increase by 15 more customers you receive another $500 bonus and $200 more to your monthly residual income!

Get your free energy check


Get your check monthly!

5 Customers = 25%

10 Customers - 50%

15 Customers - 100%

You get the average of your customers energy portion of their bill, every month!

Team building - if you choose


Whether you choose to build a team, or it just happens as you grow your customers, you get paid either way!

We also off sprint phone plans


Sprint phone plans, cheaper than your customers can get it themselves from Sprint!

How is 4 lines, unlimited talk, text and data for $120.00 a month, with no Contract!