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EZ MLM - manage your complete network marketing/sales business!

EZMLM is an Android and Apple app that allows you to manage your complete business on your phone or tablet!

It offers Customer tracking, reminders, notes, categories for sorting/searching, status of each customer and notifications based on your needs as well as custom reminders that are based on the Network Marketing/Sales market.  Check out the videos below!

When ready, go to your App Store, download and get started!

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EZMLM can manage your business!


EZ MLM is built to manage your complete Network Marketing/Sales business all on your phone or tablet.

a very simple straight-forward interface


What good is having an App if it is too hard to use?   I have created this with a logical easy to use interface.

Add/change contacts anytime, text or call right from within the app


All your contact's info is easily viewable and accessible in one spot.  You can call, text or email without leaving the App!

Easily view your daily, weekly or monthly appointments


This has a very quick view into your Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule.

a unique reminder page


EZ MLM has built in reminders:  

1) Call a new Contact

2) Follow up with a Contact 

3) Add a new Contact  

These are all completely customizable to your needs!

custom configurations


Customize to your own needs!

You can turn off/on notifications

You can turn off Weekend Notifications

You can set your reminders to any number daily that you prefer!

Quick overview Video:

Video on what sets this app apart from the others!


EZ MLM Instructions (pdf)