It's time to start to change your future, little by Little

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 Like everyone else, we need more money. Most things out there are get rich quick schemes and don't work. Also many are scams that charge you a lot of money to join, charge you monthly fees and expect you to build a huge team to make anything substantial.


This business allows you to make money without building a team (unless you want to, of course) and without "selling" products, worrying about returns, dropping things off at people's houses or stocking items at your house until you sell them.


We offer a service that everyone already pays for each and every month. It's simple, it's Electricity! You have been called, bugged at your front door and constantly receive mailings about switching your electricity provider!  Well, we have the answer, we are the provider that actually saves people money, period.  No getting a good rate for the first 3 months and then the price goes through the roof.  It's simple, save them money, renew them, keep saving them money, and you get paid month after month after month.

We don't sell products, we only recommend a service that they will save money with on a bill they already pay each and every month! 

 It's really that simple!


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How do I make money?

 Getting Started in this business:

$199.00 fee to join (no yearly renewal fee) - get 7 customers and you get this $199.00 back immediately!  Remember, it's $0.00 per month to stay in the business!    

First 30, 60, 90 days: (up to $1,200.00 in bonuses!)

 Get "You and 3" customers (4 customers total) - you get $100.00 (30 days)

  at 7 customers you get an additional $100.00 (60 days)

  then at 10 customers - you get an additional $500.00 (60 days)

  Finally, get to 15 customers - you get an additional $500.00 (90 days)

So, for helping 15 customers save money, you make $1,200.00!

This is the quickest, easiest way to get started, almost anyone can join and get their money back within the first 60 days or less. 

Then it's all profit from that point on. 

No monthly fees, no yearly renewal fees!


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receive a monthly FREE Energy check!

 You get the average of your customer's energy portion of their bills every month!  


As you sign customers, you start earning what we call "Free Energy" cash.

 - at the 5 customer level, you get 25% of the average of the customers

    supply portion of their bills every month!

 - at 10 customers, your average goes up to 50% monthly.

 - then at 15 customers, you get the full (100%) average!

 - If you exceed 15 customers, you get the 15 highest average!

  Every month you receive this money once they pay their monthly bill!  


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customer plus program - how you get paid monthly

This is how you get paid just for gathering customers:

Once you hit 30 customers, you receive a one-time bonus of $500.00, and then you receive $200.00 a month residual as long as you keep 30 customers.

Add 15 more customers, you get another $500.00 bonus and an additional $200.00 a month. 

This repeats every 15 customers that you bring in!!


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Get paid on all customers and build a team without trying!

Now, not that you have to build a team, but as you save people money, you will find others that want to make money just like you.  Here is how you get paid on those people.

If anyone joins in this business with you and brings in customers, you get paid, not just on team building bonuses, but also on all of their customers!


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Ready to get started?

 Amazing Opportunity, right?

Talk with the person who sent you to this web site or text/call Scott at 412.628.0341.

Ask us the hard questions, then let us help you get started! 

It's time to change your income, your future, and maybe even your zip code!! 


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     Remember, the monthly fee is for the advanced system, no need to pay the monthly fee.  

                 Also, only build a Team if you want to, it is not necessary to make money!