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EZ Track and remind - an easy to use reminder/tracking app

EZ Track and Remind is an easy to use Tracking/Reminder app for Android and Apple phones and tablets.   

It is a FREE App that allows you to set reminders, enter notes, easily see your daily, weekly and monthly appointments as well as call, text or email from within the App!

You can download it now, FREE from your App Store!

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EZ Track and remind can help you manage your life!


EZ Track and Remind is an easy to use scheduling App that can track your appointments, schedule, remind you and even keep notes on your events and meetings.



You can add your contacts and events on an easy to use form.  You can enter notes, description and dates/times.

easy to view your daily, weekly and monthly calendar


This has a very quick view into your Daily, Weekly and Monthly calendar.

You can even categorize your contacts and events


This option is completely up to you if you want to use it or not.

If you forget your contact name or event, you can search for it using key words


EZ Track and Remind allows you to search your Contact/Events by description or Notes at any time.

Check out our quick overview video!


EZ Track & Remind Instructions (pdf)