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Sprint "All-In" Phone Plans

If you were not in one of the states listed, don't be alarmed, you can still build your business with our nationwide Cell phone offering.

Yes, if you know people in the States that were listed on the previous page, you can still offer electric service to any of them, as well as build a team in any State and get paid on their customers and team members also.

Stream is also growing into other States little by little, so if your state was not listed, it may be soon!

We do offer Sprint phone plans in all States and pay the same residual payments and bonuses on those customers just like the electric plan.   Join now, build your business and enjoy residual income!

 View the graphic to the left on what we offer to cell phone customers.  We offer Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plans with NO CONTRACT and YES, you are eligible also for a FREE PHONE Payment just like we offer our Associates for Electric Accounts.

Click the FIND OUT MORE button below to see how this business works and YES, you can call me anytime to help clarify items for you at 412.628.0341.